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Client Work

Short Shorts

Short Shorts is a collection of short stories by Dave Eggers. The poster focuses on one of the stories and illustrates a quote displayed on the poster. 

"..and for him it was like the building of a dungeon below one's kitchen.."

Royal Ontario Museum

An exploration of the visual aspects of architectural shapes. Formed by combining various angles of the Royal Ontario Museum displaying its unique features. 

Sky Lantern Optional Approach

Abstract: An illustration of the lanterns flying towards the sky from a top view in a swirl. The type is hand drawn representing the brushwork used to write wishes on the lanterns.

Representational: It features an illustration of the town of Pingxi where the festival takes place. The target audience shifts towards the residents of the town who makes up the majority of the group that attends the festival.

Herbert Bayer

A poster dedicated to the typographer Herbert Bayer and his typeface universal. The design reflects Bayer's design style of using grids and the colour red in his Bauhaus work.