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Insurance Infographics

These are a few infographics I've designed for the LSM Insurance company in order to make the information available less dry for their customers. These designs sport a clean and modern look and feel due to the content. As an insurance company, I wanted the information to be as clear and presentable as possible.


Top 5 Diseases

For this infograph, I used a lot of illustrations and icons to convey the information. Since there is a lot of info, I broke them down into smaller groups and focused on the main points. 

I picked brighter colours to counter the heaviness of this topic. It is meant to be more informative than a reminder of the negative effects of these diseases.





Mortgage Life Insurance vs Individual Life Insurance

I took a more illustrative and graphic approach to this infographic since the topic compared two insurances that affects a great deal of one's life. I had fun creating the illustrations and kept them to a similar style throughout the infograph.